August 31, 2008

jason's room

i have a memory of how a bad day ended up being a good day. i was walking home from high school (i lived 2 blocks away) and i had had a terrible day at school. i could not remember what had happened now thirty plus years ago. anyway, as i approached the house, i remembered thinking to myself, “great. i didn’t make my bed.” when i am depressed, nothing depresses me more than going home to a mess. so, as i climbed the stairs to my room, i thought that the first thing i was going to see was my messy room. when i entered my room, not only was my bed made and my room cleaned up, but mom had bought me a blouse and had laid it on my bed. i can still remember how elated i was, and even that the blouse was long sleeved crisp white cotton with teeny little cherries printed on it. thanks to my mom for lifting up my spirits without even knowing it.

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