July 30, 2012


natalie portman, i've been told, is a guys' girl, meaning guys like this kinda' girl hanging out with them in their natural environment. i always thought it would be cool to have a bunch of guy friends that would let you in and i could just have fun, when i was younger. i kinda' saw this over the weekend when i watched son jason play ultimate frisbee...

the girls on their team are fun loving and laid back, playing amiably with the guys.


i saw the flip side of the coin. i was helping son jason move his stuff out of one house and into another. 

i would never ever want to spend time with the guys there. 

i told my son that the next place may not be so gross laid back, so he might want to keep his room a little neater. i said this before i got to the new place.

again, i would never ever want to spend time with the guys there, either...ever.

i brought back a few souvenirs to remind me that i do not want to be a guys' girl.


oh, and p s, he caught the frisbee.

July 26, 2012


i've neglected this blog for so long that i could end it all right now.

why do i blog?

i don't make any money with it, and it's not a profession. i don't have a lot of followers, so i won't really be missed. i have always felt a little funny telling people that i have a blog and try to self promote...somewhat. and i have certainly not gone viral and ellen degeneres has not invited me to her show.

so...why should i continue? why?

then...i have a really bad day. okay, it wasn't earth shatteringly bad. it was more just a one-thing-after-another kind of day. not something that is really worth writing down.

but, then i work out and i feel better.

and, i talk to daughter michelle who makes me feel even better.

then...i fix myself this

spinach with watermelon, cucumber & feta cheese...salty and refreshing.

and i have the following text conversation with son jason:

me: "what do you need from home that i can bring you?"
jason: "there's a purple connector cable in my room that i need. also, the third place chess trophy above the bed. that's it."
me: "why the trophy?"
jason: "why not?"

and, suddenly i'm having a great day and i have something that i really want to write about, so that when i look back at my blog, i will read this and smile.

why blog?

why not?

btw, son jason was in a summer chess class (tcjc for kids), and the teacher had a chess tournament open for all classes, and jason won third.

he was eight years old.