January 22, 2009

Something different happened to me today. A man came up to me in the bookstore and told me that I was a very pretty lady and not only that, I have very pretty feet because I am wearing heels. And, not very women wear heels anymore.???????? I was pleased with the compliment, but why? I am not especially pretty and I am really overweight right now (just joined Weight Watchers today). And my shoes? Well they are a bit (okay…a lot) scuffed up and ordinary, and I am pleased to note that I have developed veiny old lady’s feet. Hunh!??? So, why? Why the complement? Was he hitting on me? Not likely. Did he truly mean the compliment? Or was it a new year’s resolution to say something nice to someone everyday and today it was my turn. This is the most likely answer, so now I need to pay it forward.