March 30, 2012

okie doke

i just read the best blog post ever:

that's all.

weird stuff happens when you least expect it

i was going to do a post on austin because i just came back from there last weekend and i took a lot of photos to remember all the fun stuff and places i went.

i was.

until i was interrupted from my work. i was working away when husband scott said 'come here' and we followed him into brother-in-law mark's office (why yes, i do work with my husband and brother-in-law and we get along splendidly). anyway, we look from his office window and the others are saying 'what?' and then all of sudden, i notice there is a naked man lying in the street.

of course, i googled later...much later and found this and this. this is NOT enough information.

i also got this photo
blurry, yes, but remember i have a point and shoot and it was taken from our office's 10th floor and down the block.

i just wonder what caused this man to do this. is he just crazy or did he take something with something else and it just didn't agree with him or was he just having a bad day?

March 28, 2012

mother lode

so...i open my mailbox and what do i see? this massive book from restoration hardware. it's ridiculously huge, like vogue's september issue.
i don't know why i got it. i don't shop there very often. it's been totally revamped. i don't really like the type of furniture it carries. it's huge massive slabby stuff. it's really over the top and overly expensive.
but then, i flip through it...
i want this...

and this...

and a couple of more things that are beyond my budget. when i came across this...

a very pixilated leather sofa from restoration hardware (sorry for the pixilation...the photo was teeny tiny). i also went to ikea over the weekend and saw this...

now, granted, side by side comparisons show that they are not even close, but the look is similar enough for me to go 'hmmmmmmmm'. i don't need to tell you that the ikea one is waaaaaaaaaay cheaper or that it's not even close to the same quality of leather, probably...most likely. but, when i sat in the ikea wasn't bad for $399...not bad at all.

any way...

wait...what's this, hiding underneath the behemoth?
yea! i hit the mother lode, today! and it's not pixilated (heh heh).

March 27, 2012

so excited

i will be seeing 'hunger games' today.
i read the books (i know...dweeb. i mean, after all, i'm going to be 55). then, i saw the trailer:


here is how i felt:

March 19, 2012

monday, monday

today really started out as a true monday, beginning with the fact that i forgot my password for my computer at work. i totally blanked out. here is a piece of advice: don't EVER change your password on a friday. and, here is another really good piece of advice: always write it down. don't EVER think that it was an easy one to remember because it never is...ever. most people use the same password over and over again and just change the last bit like ann1 to ann2. not me. i like to make it fun. one time, my password was expiring just before christmas, so i changed it to bejolly1 and it was denied because it had part of my name in it. and no, my name is not holly. my new password begins with moron.

also, we have been having overcast muggy humid weather for more than a week with off and on rain during the night. i like overcast weather, but not forever, and especially not on a monday morning when we have changed to daylight saving time, which means i am getting up in the dark at 7:00am! it's not like i am getting at 5:00am or anything.

but then, late this afternoon, a thunderstorm was brewing and that changed everything. there was a chance for hail, so i kept going out on the back patio to check it out. it started getting really dark (not because the sun was setting) and it got that weird green-y yellow color, which could mean hail or a tornado. it had been windy earlier and then it got still.

then it got that really good rain smell.

then it started raining, gently at first, then lightning and thundering and then came the deluge.

no tornado.

so, i sat outside and enjoyed it. it was more enjoyable than before this time because we, now, have an overhead ceiling and a pergola over the patio. i've ordered furniture and it is coming along.
i got a meyer lemon tree and a mexican lime tree for the patio. they smell soooooooooooooo good.
i tried to take a photo of the rain, but it isn't really visible with a camera. the live oak looks sparse because it shedding its leaves for new ones.
here, you can sorta' see the rainfall. the bunny looks really mad...i've never seen it from this angle. i have planted some stuff in the raised bed and still have to get some asparagus crowns. i planted dahlias and am really hoping it sprouts and blooms (do bulbs 'sprout'?). i am also getting some river rock for the muddy area. i was worried about the succulents i planted at the base of the raised bed because there is no sprinkler that will hit it (thus the reason for planting succulents), but now, i fear they are going to drown.
here is where i sat listening to the thunderstorm.

ahhhhhhhh...this was a nice way to end a real monday. and yea, tomorrow is tuesday! what is so special about tuesday? it's not monday (durh).

March 13, 2012


hello...i bet you were wondering if i was gone. i'm not. it's amazing how it takes me so much time to get back into blogging. i try to be regular, but i will go out of town and then i get off track.

we are refinancing our mortgage since the rate has dropped so much from our first/second refinancing. so... today, i had an appraiser come in to do an, well, an appraisal (that's pretty much what an appraiser does, right?). she didn't make a single comment except, have you fixed the leak (yes) that's stained the ceiling and have you done anything to your home in the last 5 years (uhhhhhhhhhh...nope).

so...then i started seeing the house in her eyes.
stains from air conditioner overflow - fixed, but not painted, yet...i was waiting till i painted the walls.
peeling wallpaper (the ugliest wallpaper in the world): not fixing...i was waiting for husband scott to okay a bathroom remodel, which he has. now, i have to wait till next week for meeting with contractor.

pink and grey fake marble...who chooses that? seriously?! who would want to have this for countertops, shower walls and bathtub??
ruined wooden floor - word of advice...don't have castors on chairs and then wheel around on a wood floor. we are getting an estimate for this, too.


i have so many ideas...i don't follow design sponge for nothing. it takes me sooooooooooooo long to do stuff. i wish i had chez larsson's energy.

i bet she doesn't hulu 'the bachelor.'