March 30, 2012

weird stuff happens when you least expect it

i was going to do a post on austin because i just came back from there last weekend and i took a lot of photos to remember all the fun stuff and places i went.

i was.

until i was interrupted from my work. i was working away when husband scott said 'come here' and we followed him into brother-in-law mark's office (why yes, i do work with my husband and brother-in-law and we get along splendidly). anyway, we look from his office window and the others are saying 'what?' and then all of sudden, i notice there is a naked man lying in the street.

of course, i googled later...much later and found this and this. this is NOT enough information.

i also got this photo
blurry, yes, but remember i have a point and shoot and it was taken from our office's 10th floor and down the block.

i just wonder what caused this man to do this. is he just crazy or did he take something with something else and it just didn't agree with him or was he just having a bad day?

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