September 21, 2012

an almost perfect day

tomorrow is the official first day of fall. lots of bloggers look to labor day as the first day, but i think that is because summer is over with school starting up and up north (definitely NOT in texas), it starts to feel fall-ish.

since i'm a blogger (in the loosest terms of 'why yes, i have a blog, and no, no one reads it), i am declaring that today is the first day of fall. 

i LOVE fall. or as betty grable says in 'how to marry a millionaire' - "simply, adore them".......okay, that doesn't really make sense. i just got through watching that movie this week and i keep thinking about it.

so, although the weather is still climbing in the very low 90's each day, it's starting in the 60's and the air has that tinge of coolness to it. it doesn't have that smoky smell, yet or that yellow leaves smell, either, but i can tell it's coming.

so, that's reason number one why this is an almost perfect day.

the second reason is this...when the elevator opened on my work floor, there was the branch manager, waiting for it and with a "good morning!" and a "i'm going to get some breakfast tacos, do you want one?", as he steps inside. oliver's, which is right across the street, has fantastic breakfast tacos for only a dollar! i opened mine up to add some salsa and there was a whole strip of bacon nestled inside it...for a dollar!

to wash down the taco, i went to my friendly starbucks and i was given a coffee 'on the house'. 

just like that! 

after work, since i hadn't had enough tacos, yet. i went to fuzzy's to get a fish taco and it was delicious. that's reason number 4? 

then i went to physical therapy.

i love my therapist.

so nice.

like really really nice.


but, she almost makes me cry.

why is it that one has to go through much much much more pain to get rid of pain?

so, then i go home, trying to keep a brave face, when inside, i am so very much in a deep funk.


i got the mail, and there was this...
what does it say inside?

thanks to my sister for instantly lifting me out of my funk.

btw, it's not my birthday.

so, this is my almost perfect day.

it would be perfect if p t made me feel instantly better, instead of waaaaaaaaaaay later better (honestly, why the face?).

September 09, 2012

2 weeks later...

i went to my niece melissa's wedding two weeks ago. daughter michelle, was the photographer. she, michelle, sent out a small slide show of the wedding to the newlyweds and now i have watched it over and over, again.

i am so proud of my daughter.