October 31, 2008


I am having a hard time going on a diet and exercising (ummmmm….duh…..doesn’t everyone?). So, I have decided to remove a bad habit and add a good habit every day until I am leading a more healthy life. Let see what happens. 

So tomorrow, I am eliminating my cup of Starbucks coffee (sorry about that Starbucks) and replacing it with a large refreshing, good-for-you glass of water.

More tomorrow.

Actually, happiness is mini m & m’s.

October 14, 2008

happiness is a warm blanket

happiness is a warm blanket
Charles M. Schulz

October 05, 2008

I am going to document something that I have never done before. I need to quit feeling sorry for myself and do something about changing me. I have got about 50 pounds to lose and I need to get physically fit if I am going to be happier than I am now and to enjoy the next 50 years of my life. If I don’t get 50 more years, it will not because I didn’t take care of myself. So……I am going to start a new regimen of diet and exercise. My first goal to look better than I do now by Thanksgiving. So…… I will take another photo - full figure one, and I mean full - of me and see if I can make a difference. 

Someone else did this online and it made her responsible to diet and exercise since people were looking at her website. So I will try to do this too. Although my third grade teacher knew me better than anyone when she wrote on my report card, “Ann works slowly and sometimes fails to complete assignments.” 

I am going to try to complete the assignment. Watch for my next entry.