November 02, 2008

I love love love Jonathan Adler!!!

I love love love Jonathan Adler!!!

He is the ultimate in happiness. Read his musings!

next day

I didn’t have fruit this morning…I woke up too late to have fruit and get ready for Sunday School. So, tomorrow, I will be adding a bowl of fruit and a bowl of oatmeal. To prevent fermentation, I will have my oatmeal a couple of hours after the fruit. And speaking of fermentation, does that mean I can’t have dried cranberries with my oatmeal?!! (sigh)

I guess that, instead of fruit, I will add nuts and flax seed so that I have lots ‘n’ lots of fiber. 

Also I will be adding photos of me diminishing soon. I bet you can’t wait (ha)

November 01, 2008

one down, another to go

Well, I did it. I didn’t have a grande or tall latte with 1 raw sugar today. Tomorrow, I am introducing fruit into my diet by having a cup of fruit in the morning with my delicious tall glass of water instead of a muffin from Starbucks (sorry about that Starbucks). Supposedly, one is suppose to start the day with fruit and nothing else so that it digests properly. One is not suppose to mix it with anything else or it will ferment in your stomach!

So, here’s to a bowl of fruit without fermentation (ie without toots…and I thought that it was just a bean thing).

October 31, 2008


I am having a hard time going on a diet and exercising (ummmmm….duh…..doesn’t everyone?). So, I have decided to remove a bad habit and add a good habit every day until I am leading a more healthy life. Let see what happens. 

So tomorrow, I am eliminating my cup of Starbucks coffee (sorry about that Starbucks) and replacing it with a large refreshing, good-for-you glass of water.

More tomorrow.

Actually, happiness is mini m & m’s.

October 14, 2008

happiness is a warm blanket

happiness is a warm blanket
Charles M. Schulz

October 05, 2008

I am going to document something that I have never done before. I need to quit feeling sorry for myself and do something about changing me. I have got about 50 pounds to lose and I need to get physically fit if I am going to be happier than I am now and to enjoy the next 50 years of my life. If I don’t get 50 more years, it will not because I didn’t take care of myself. So……I am going to start a new regimen of diet and exercise. My first goal to look better than I do now by Thanksgiving. So…… I will take another photo - full figure one, and I mean full - of me and see if I can make a difference. 

Someone else did this online and it made her responsible to diet and exercise since people were looking at her website. So I will try to do this too. Although my third grade teacher knew me better than anyone when she wrote on my report card, “Ann works slowly and sometimes fails to complete assignments.” 

I am going to try to complete the assignment. Watch for my next entry.

September 25, 2008

I think and their catalog have the CUTEST clothes for children. I wish I knew about it when mine were little. Now, I will have to wait until grandchildren. Wouldn’t you like to have these shoes in a grownup style with a round toe and kitten heel or perhaps a mid size chunky heel. I know I WOULD.

September 24, 2008

been away

Michelle has posted some of her photos on I think she isn’t charging enough, especially her Snotty Boy. Check it out on her tumblr site — I have been away in San Diego and had a really fun time with Scott. I will post photos soon. (well, as soon as I recharge my camera) Meanwhile, check out the best (ok pioneer women is really amazing and fancy) blog belonging to Martha Stewart. I got 2 comments posted on it!!! Two of them!!! I guess it is because the comments were positive (as they should be). Okay…….until I figure out how to add the link (I know, I know…I should be able to do this if I have a blog, but I DON’T!), you will have to go to and click on previous blogs in September and look at the blog on Marc Jacobs fashion show and I am the number one comment!!! I’m famous!

September 09, 2008


i can’t do anything right

September 03, 2008

Mr Williams

Jason and I saw Mr Williams in the grocery store today. Actually, Mr Williams saw us first and asked if Jason went to Tanglewood because he recognized him, which is amazing! For anyone who reads this and doesn’t know who Mr Williams is; he is the campus monitor for Tanglewood ELEMENTARY. So, he hasn’t seen Jason since 5th grade (8 years ago) and he recognized him. Wow!

After that chance encounter, Jason had a flood of memories come back. Isn’t funny how you can not be thinking about the past and you see someone from your past and all of a sudden you time warp into elementary school? Especially, since I occasionally drive past the school and it doesn’t look anything like it did when Michelle and Jason were there. I would like to go back to those days again for a little while (sigh).

Heck, even Paschal’s exterior has changed since Michelle and Jason were there and it has only been a year and a bit since Jason graduated there. Nothing stays the same. I think the reason you can never go back home again is because what was there for you isn’t ever there anymore or does everyone already know that. (sigh, again)

September 02, 2008

You know how people sometimes look like their pets? Not only do look like them, but pets also do the same things as their peeps. Take Zoe and me for instance. We are both female, very overweight, and we are suffering from ow’ees (her foot and my cold sore) right now. We like to eat and sleep a lot. She sometimes snorts in her sleep and so do I.

and lastly, she drools when she is sleeping…like me.

September 01, 2008


I am being punished. I have not had a cold sore since school days. Either I don’t remember how painful cold sores can be or this is the worse one I have ever had. So now I must atone. Anyone who reads this (which is maybe 2 or 3), I am sorry. 

So today, September 1, 2008, I am going to start being a better person.

Now with that statement, I must follow through and really try. I will still be a leetle bit sarcastic and critical, but I will really try not to. It isn’t going to be easy, but I will try.

And you thought I was going to talk about how cute James MacAvoy is in Atonement! (I will eventually even it is a little bit ooky).


August 31, 2008

jason's room

i have a memory of how a bad day ended up being a good day. i was walking home from high school (i lived 2 blocks away) and i had had a terrible day at school. i could not remember what had happened now thirty plus years ago. anyway, as i approached the house, i remembered thinking to myself, “great. i didn’t make my bed.” when i am depressed, nothing depresses me more than going home to a mess. so, as i climbed the stairs to my room, i thought that the first thing i was going to see was my messy room. when i entered my room, not only was my bed made and my room cleaned up, but mom had bought me a blouse and had laid it on my bed. i can still remember how elated i was, and even that the blouse was long sleeved crisp white cotton with teeny little cherries printed on it. thanks to my mom for lifting up my spirits without even knowing it.

jason couldn’t sleep the other night. i remember when i was in college, i couldn’t sleep if my room was a mess and it NEVER looked like the following photos. i didn’t arrange any of the things in the before photos. this is how jason lives. you will see a lot of food that he leaves where he puts it down when he is finished eating. his room will look like this in just a week or 2. this reminds me of an oprah show about this woman who lived in a mess like this, (except she had dogs that poohed everywhere), and oprah kept saying that there must be more going on than just being messy. so i wonder, as a worrier, is there more to this or is he just a teenager?





before…note that the dr pepper is leaking out of the cup because it has been sitting there for a while.

after…i couldn’t get the dr pepper stain out. i will be painting his furniture sometime.




after…jason had his computer w/him in his backpack.







hopefully, he will be able to sleep tonight.

love, mom

August 19, 2008

They were just playing cards quietly.

husband Scott

Husband Scott is very practical. He likes real life stuff, which is good, but you’ve gotta’ enjoy the silly and fantasy stuff, too. I mean, he fell asleep while watching “Lord of the Rings” on the big screen, started “Harry Potter” and couldn’t finish it (!) and walked out of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. However, his biggest pet peeve is when he has to listen to what someone dreamed about because why would he want to hear about something that isn’t real and usually doesn’t make sense. And he hears from me time and again, “I had the craziest dream last night!” (sigh)

So…two things happened this morning…

1. I had the craziest dream last night!

I dreamt that Scott and I were are on a cruise with our 2 cats, Nikki and Zoe, the fat one. Someone complains that we have cats with us in our room. So, another person comes to our room and says to us, “You can’t go on a cruise with cats.” And I am thinking, “but they are being good cats.” (And here is the crazy part), I look over at the cats and they are just sitting at a table playing cards, quietly.

What does THAT mean?!!!!!!

2. (second) I woke up and there was chocolate on the sheets. I show Scott (because I didn’t want him to think it was something else) and he asks why there is chocolate on the bed. And I said “I had chocolate in my pocket.” 

Suddenly, a thought came to me. That would make a great title for a cool store or online store like or So, dibs!

August 12, 2008


I haven’t kept up with my entries. Am totally mesmerized with the Olympics - USA! USA! USA! Phelps is amazing and Jason Slezak (Michelle’s note: It’s LEzak, mom. Jeez…if you’re so obsessed you should know this. Quit callin’ him sleazy) rocks! Go Toga with the bronze in the 1 k white water kayak and how can I look as good as Dara Torres?

August 07, 2008


3 teams of 2: Scott & me, Michelle & boyfriend Dru, and Jason & friend Alex. Scott’s idea, Scott picks the venue, Scott had the highest score. Go figure. (It was still a lot of fun…and yes that is me in 6th place…final scores are to the left of each name)

We had a sports competition last night at Main Event. It was Scott’s idea — he LOVES to compete in stuff. Anyway, here is a photo of Michelle and her boyfriend Dru’s bowling legs (Michelle’s legs are the ones with hair…har har).

August 05, 2008

My friend, M at work, knows how much I LOVE these molasses cookies and brought some in when she had made a batch for a meeting. These are the very best molasses cookies ever!!!! If you want the recipe, email me at 

What a different morning at work than yesterday (see below), hunh! See, it just goes to show you that even if you think you do the same thing day in and day out, things are not the same at all.

So, maybe my life isn’t so boring after all. 

August 04, 2008

This was taken in New Orleans last Spring Break — family trip. It was nice to see the guys getting along like they did when they were younger.


Michelle, my daughter, set up my blog, but only I am contributing to it. She says I need to change the colors that I have chosen, but I like how it looks, for now. Michelle is trying to fix up her blog, one more thing . I like hers, too. She is more creative than I am. We both think that color is very very very important. 

I like things to line up just right as well. Both my children like to tease me because I adjust the volume on the TV in increments of 5. (So, when I adjust it to say “30”, Jason or Michelle will up it to “31” or “32”.) Does that make me OCD? I don’t have to have it like that in order to watch TV, I just like it like that.

My brother-in-law thinks I am too neat, as well, and when he sat at my desk last week (after I left…I work part time), he totally dis-organized it. It was pretty funny except the part where he messed with the computer settings on my computer. I thought my computer was malfunctioning and was on hold with the help desk till he fixed it (ha ha…so funny, I forgot to laugh…that is such an old saying…do people actually say that anymore?)

August 03, 2008


Jason, my son, says that he won’t read my blog anymore because it’s boring and about shoes, and I am not keeping up with it.

Well, I’m busy!

I have been washing and ironing alllllllllll weekend (including washing his clothes and ironing his shirts).

I think this is why I have never kept a journal nor a diary. I am not good at keeping one up and basically my life is as boring as my blog. I am actually kinda’ excited about this and will be working on it more. AFTER I AM FINISHED WITH THE LAUNDRY (sigh).

July 31, 2008

If you click on my shoe photo...

you get, and a big apology about the how it is messing up. BUT, they don’t offer any consolations. I think that all apologies should come with a present, don’t you? 


I just got the new j crew catalog yesterday and I want these shoes! Actually, I want a lot more than that but LOOK AT THE SHOES! (sigh)

July 30, 2008

Canada flowers