September 24, 2008

been away

Michelle has posted some of her photos on I think she isn’t charging enough, especially her Snotty Boy. Check it out on her tumblr site — I have been away in San Diego and had a really fun time with Scott. I will post photos soon. (well, as soon as I recharge my camera) Meanwhile, check out the best (ok pioneer women is really amazing and fancy) blog belonging to Martha Stewart. I got 2 comments posted on it!!! Two of them!!! I guess it is because the comments were positive (as they should be). Okay…….until I figure out how to add the link (I know, I know…I should be able to do this if I have a blog, but I DON’T!), you will have to go to and click on previous blogs in September and look at the blog on Marc Jacobs fashion show and I am the number one comment!!! I’m famous!

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