October 14, 2010

We had a garage sale last weekend. When I set up everything the night before, I was embarrassed at all the clothes we were selling…they weren’t ALL my clothes…but it was more than I want to see. The sad thing about it is that my closet is really still full. Right now, I cannot add another thing in my closet…unless I take something out.
Anyways…see the ladder in the photo? It was extended the length of the garage and was filled with clothes. People came and bought and bought and bought. I mean, when the most expensive item is $6, a lot gets carted away. What I couldn’t believe was that I still bagged up 10(!) garbage bags of clothes for the Goodwill to pick up! I have decided I need to purchase more thoughtfully and not to impulse buy. I think that is my biggest bugga boo…impulse buy. Do you do that?

But even as I type these words…I keepnthinking about those J Crew boots (sigh).

October 05, 2010

how many clothes does one really, i mean, REALLY need? husband scott had a friend who came to the office everyday wearing the same tie. when scott asked if he had any other ties (and to have scott notice this…is pretty amazing), he said no. of course, scott asked why would he have only one tie and he said that he had only one neck. this is a true story. i really am not making this up. just ask scott.

so…i am only one person. do i need only one outfit? the answer is obvious - no, definitely not. practically speaking, it has to be washed…sometime…and i don’t sit around naked waiting for it to come out of the dryer. plus, i think one needs more than one look, right?

of course, i don’t have one distinct style. at least, i don’t THINK i have one style. i do shop at the same stores, but i do mix it up…somewhat. i don’t have the imagination that jane and judy aldridge have nor what tavi has…at all. but, i feel i need more than one look, even at the office.

at the same time, when something comes up, say a party or an event, i can never find anything to wear. i always feel i am lacking.

i have the ol’ syndrome of: a closet filled with clothes, yet i have nothing to wear. i do have nothing to wear…right now…because i have gained back some of the weight i had lost earlier and now nothing fits well. this is especially distressing since there is only 5 1/2 weeks left before THE wedding. why oh why do i do this to myself? i could write pages and pages of laments about that and THAT is another blog subject for another time and i really don’t think anyone would like to read that one.

so back to the subject…how many clothes does one need? i think i might facebook this and see what is fed back. if anyone is reading this blog, please feel free to comment.

if you are a j crew model, you need a lot of clothes so you can have a bunch of layers. i can’t really wear a bunch of layers without looking…bunched. i’ve worn a hoodie with a jacket and could barely move my arms and i felt like head was pitched forward with all that bulk at the nape of my neck…

if there was a formula out there for what one needs, i would love to see it.

but for now, the answer to that question, for me anyway, is that i need as many clothes as what will fit in my closet.

my closet is full to the point that if i want to buy something…i will need to remove something first.

so i returned the shoes and got a couple of pieces from j crew for less than the shoes. here is my fall look. i got the skirt…i love love love this color. it really is a neutral color in that it goes with everything. instead of looking at oranges and browns for fall, i think i will be doing this color with black and navy…i love navy. i got the navy/green/citrine top from anthropologie and the navy cardigan from j crew last year. i also got the dusty pinky cardigan and navy striped t-shirt from j crew. i always have a least one navy striped top in my closet…always. i think that is why i like january and february at the gap and banana republic so much. that is when they break out all the navy and white, and that is when i tend to shop the most. shhhhhh…don’t tell scott!

okay, i did buy these shoes from j crew and i love them…a…lot. they are even easy to walk in, even with the higher-than-i-normally-wear heels. BUT, they just don’t look that good on me. i look like i am wearing granny style shoes AND NOT IN THE CUTE WAY. so…i returned them (sigh). i was hoping i would find a pair of somewhat high heeled oxford…i have the feeling i just won’t be able to wear them.

now that it has cooled…somewhat. i mean…it’s october and i am reading other blogs where the bloggers are winterizing their gardens, hoping that the predicted freeze doesn’t kill their gardens and thinking about what’s on their minds for fall clothes. it did feel coolish this morning, but it could be the air conditioner. the high today is 78 degrees and it’s going to fluctuate from 83 to 87 degrees through monday!!!

but…i do need to clean out my closet after throwing everything on the floor this last month instead of putting it in its proper place. so, that’s what i did. i couldn’t really bring out winter clothes, but i did put up sandals and summer cotton skirts. since, we are having a garage sale this weekend, i also cleaned out stuff i just don’t wear anymore, but i still have a very full closet. that doesn’t stop me from looking at the last catalog from j crew.

i heart j crew!!!

October 03, 2010

i love it when i get a fortune from the cookie like this. so, what are my present plans? well….there is a wedding in 6 (yikes!) weeks, the ongoing “gotta’ lose a lot of pounds in 6 weeks plan”, and i could go on, but i won’t because it is the same ol’ tirade. let’s see if this fortune comes true. i have another that rings more true above my desk. can’t remember what it says exactly, but it goes something like “the only that stands between you and success is you”….or something like that. so it boils down to this….a lot that happens in one’s life has to do with the decisions one makes. every morning i wake up and tell myself that i am going stick to my guns and not overrated and i will go to the gym and i will get a project done when i get home, but by mid morning i have talked myself into doing the exact opposite. why?