October 05, 2010

how many clothes does one really, i mean, REALLY need? husband scott had a friend who came to the office everyday wearing the same tie. when scott asked if he had any other ties (and to have scott notice this…is pretty amazing), he said no. of course, scott asked why would he have only one tie and he said that he had only one neck. this is a true story. i really am not making this up. just ask scott.

so…i am only one person. do i need only one outfit? the answer is obvious - no, definitely not. practically speaking, it has to be washed…sometime…and i don’t sit around naked waiting for it to come out of the dryer. plus, i think one needs more than one look, right?

of course, i don’t have one distinct style. at least, i don’t THINK i have one style. i do shop at the same stores, but i do mix it up…somewhat. i don’t have the imagination that jane and judy aldridge have nor what tavi has…at all. but, i feel i need more than one look, even at the office.

at the same time, when something comes up, say a party or an event, i can never find anything to wear. i always feel i am lacking.

i have the ol’ syndrome of: a closet filled with clothes, yet i have nothing to wear. i do have nothing to wear…right now…because i have gained back some of the weight i had lost earlier and now nothing fits well. this is especially distressing since there is only 5 1/2 weeks left before THE wedding. why oh why do i do this to myself? i could write pages and pages of laments about that and THAT is another blog subject for another time and i really don’t think anyone would like to read that one.

so back to the subject…how many clothes does one need? i think i might facebook this and see what is fed back. if anyone is reading this blog, please feel free to comment.

if you are a j crew model, you need a lot of clothes so you can have a bunch of layers. i can’t really wear a bunch of layers without looking…bunched. i’ve worn a hoodie with a jacket and could barely move my arms and i felt like head was pitched forward with all that bulk at the nape of my neck…

if there was a formula out there for what one needs, i would love to see it.

but for now, the answer to that question, for me anyway, is that i need as many clothes as what will fit in my closet.

my closet is full to the point that if i want to buy something…i will need to remove something first.

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