October 14, 2010

We had a garage sale last weekend. When I set up everything the night before, I was embarrassed at all the clothes we were selling…they weren’t ALL my clothes…but it was more than I want to see. The sad thing about it is that my closet is really still full. Right now, I cannot add another thing in my closet…unless I take something out.
Anyways…see the ladder in the photo? It was extended the length of the garage and was filled with clothes. People came and bought and bought and bought. I mean, when the most expensive item is $6, a lot gets carted away. What I couldn’t believe was that I still bagged up 10(!) garbage bags of clothes for the Goodwill to pick up! I have decided I need to purchase more thoughtfully and not to impulse buy. I think that is my biggest bugga boo…impulse buy. Do you do that?

But even as I type these words…I keepnthinking about those J Crew boots (sigh).

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