November 02, 2008

I love love love Jonathan Adler!!!

I love love love Jonathan Adler!!!

He is the ultimate in happiness. Read his musings!

next day

I didn’t have fruit this morning…I woke up too late to have fruit and get ready for Sunday School. So, tomorrow, I will be adding a bowl of fruit and a bowl of oatmeal. To prevent fermentation, I will have my oatmeal a couple of hours after the fruit. And speaking of fermentation, does that mean I can’t have dried cranberries with my oatmeal?!! (sigh)

I guess that, instead of fruit, I will add nuts and flax seed so that I have lots ‘n’ lots of fiber. 

Also I will be adding photos of me diminishing soon. I bet you can’t wait (ha)

November 01, 2008

one down, another to go

Well, I did it. I didn’t have a grande or tall latte with 1 raw sugar today. Tomorrow, I am introducing fruit into my diet by having a cup of fruit in the morning with my delicious tall glass of water instead of a muffin from Starbucks (sorry about that Starbucks). Supposedly, one is suppose to start the day with fruit and nothing else so that it digests properly. One is not suppose to mix it with anything else or it will ferment in your stomach!

So, here’s to a bowl of fruit without fermentation (ie without toots…and I thought that it was just a bean thing).