May 21, 2010

a photo of what i had for breakfast at work this morning…cherries (on sale!) and the. best. cream cheese. pound. cake. ever! this is just a small reminder of the fantastically fun time in NJ/NYC with sister Laura. my niece, Ita, now works for a bakery and i wanted to get this cake to bring home and she remembered to pick it up and she was forced to take my money when she told me that it was on her. she was insisting that it was on her, but i wouldn’t let her. Ita is such a nice nice person. i will post more photos of the trip later.

May 12, 2010

oh little kippers, i miss you so. hope jason is taking care of you.

this is a photo of what happens when you bathe kip, the rat. he is so cute and cuddly. he just doesn’t like the way i bathe him.

i was so depressed after our gocco fiasco yesterday and it was a good thing that tumblr was down. it gave me time to realize IT WASN’T REALLY OUR FAULT. gocco was not meant to be used the way we were trying to use it for michelle’s save-the-date cards. i think that i will give gocco another chance on a more linear design. it was fun to watch for the flash for the light bulbs, the scariness of the toxic coating on the bulbs, how the screen and blocking adhesive really did work AND how we actually made a print. what didn’t work? using more than one screen to layer color images on top of each other when the 4 x 6 cards were just slightly bigger than the screen so it was impossible to think up a system (for us, anyway) to lining up the prints. maybe we should try silk screening, but not now.

today, we actually did the same design, but printed them out on the cards, using our very own printer (and a brand new color cartridge). we are now very happy with the results. now, if i could just stop messing up addressing the envelopes……………..

May 10, 2010

i had the best birthday…ever! i had the day off from work and checked my gmail…and i had some nice ‘happy birthdays’ from friends on facebook. that was an extra treat that i hadn’t foreseen. then some emails and calls from family. then, i walked & talked with my since first grade friend and she treated me to lunch. then, i showered and had coffee with another small group of friends and it was so much fun. then, i went to angelo’s for the best barbecued ribs with scott and michelle. and then, this……..left over birthday cake and birthday cupcakes (from the weekend birthday party). and then……..(remind you of ‘dude, where is my car?’) i guess turning 53 isn’t THAT bad…okay it is, but today’s events made it easier to accept.

May 09, 2010

Happiness is a warm puppy…… Errrrr…….I mean an iPad. That’s right, an iPad for my birthday. Woohoo!

Happiness is a warm puppy…… Errrrr…….I mean an iPad. That’s right, an iPad for my birthday. Woohoo!

May 03, 2010

last post for today. we are having our first real spring storm and i am listening to last week’s glee songs - chris colfer’s a house is not a home and mr shu w/kristin chenoweth’s one less bell to answer. they sing them so well! it’s a perfect combination (storm and song). can’t wait till tomorrow night. i guess i’m a gleek.

mi tierra continued. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm sweets from the bakery. the walnut praline was really good. michelle liked the pastry second from the right. i forgot what it was called. and i also liked the leche quemada for the yumminess (far left) and i just liked saying it. so…i would say it as much as possible as in “mmmmmm this leche quemada is good” and “scott, you must try the leche quemada” and “michelle, did you like the leche quemada?” and “what did i like in san antonio? the desserts, especially the leche quemada!”

second highlight of the san antonio trip? mi tierra restaurant. mmmmmmmmmm. breakfast tacos!

the highlight of our san antonio trip last week? these cute cute ducks! they were in the river further from the downtown riverwalk. I like that these zebra ducklings don’t look anything like their mom…not even a tiny bit.

look at what i got today!!!! i have been admiring the big gold men’s watches lately, like rolex and the michael kors one for women, but just didn’t want to shell out the mega bucks for them. this one is from target for $14.99. that’s right….$14.99!!!! if i lose interest, it doesn’t matter (yay!)

p s i should do a photo of my hands with my brothers and i bet no one would be able to tell them apart….well except that my fingernails are slightly longer and polished. i just think that my hands look just like john and paul’s, what do you think, laura?

May 01, 2010

just before the braids got cut off……aaaaaaaccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!

the haircut i wanted. the bad thing is that i won’t ever look like michelle williams no matter how much my hair looks like hers. actually, my hair won’t look like that…ever since my hair is more bushy. i told the hair dresser to thin it out as much as possible.

end result

ready to mail out the form to locks of love. they kinda’ look like those hair thingys people would use a long time ago to shoo away flies, don’t they?

last night, i got a little sentimental about the hair and had to take a few more photos before i went to bed.