May 12, 2010

i was so depressed after our gocco fiasco yesterday and it was a good thing that tumblr was down. it gave me time to realize IT WASN’T REALLY OUR FAULT. gocco was not meant to be used the way we were trying to use it for michelle’s save-the-date cards. i think that i will give gocco another chance on a more linear design. it was fun to watch for the flash for the light bulbs, the scariness of the toxic coating on the bulbs, how the screen and blocking adhesive really did work AND how we actually made a print. what didn’t work? using more than one screen to layer color images on top of each other when the 4 x 6 cards were just slightly bigger than the screen so it was impossible to think up a system (for us, anyway) to lining up the prints. maybe we should try silk screening, but not now.

today, we actually did the same design, but printed them out on the cards, using our very own printer (and a brand new color cartridge). we are now very happy with the results. now, if i could just stop messing up addressing the envelopes……………..

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