September 25, 2008

I think and their catalog have the CUTEST clothes for children. I wish I knew about it when mine were little. Now, I will have to wait until grandchildren. Wouldn’t you like to have these shoes in a grownup style with a round toe and kitten heel or perhaps a mid size chunky heel. I know I WOULD.

September 24, 2008

been away

Michelle has posted some of her photos on I think she isn’t charging enough, especially her Snotty Boy. Check it out on her tumblr site — I have been away in San Diego and had a really fun time with Scott. I will post photos soon. (well, as soon as I recharge my camera) Meanwhile, check out the best (ok pioneer women is really amazing and fancy) blog belonging to Martha Stewart. I got 2 comments posted on it!!! Two of them!!! I guess it is because the comments were positive (as they should be). Okay…….until I figure out how to add the link (I know, I know…I should be able to do this if I have a blog, but I DON’T!), you will have to go to and click on previous blogs in September and look at the blog on Marc Jacobs fashion show and I am the number one comment!!! I’m famous!

September 09, 2008


i can’t do anything right

September 03, 2008

Mr Williams

Jason and I saw Mr Williams in the grocery store today. Actually, Mr Williams saw us first and asked if Jason went to Tanglewood because he recognized him, which is amazing! For anyone who reads this and doesn’t know who Mr Williams is; he is the campus monitor for Tanglewood ELEMENTARY. So, he hasn’t seen Jason since 5th grade (8 years ago) and he recognized him. Wow!

After that chance encounter, Jason had a flood of memories come back. Isn’t funny how you can not be thinking about the past and you see someone from your past and all of a sudden you time warp into elementary school? Especially, since I occasionally drive past the school and it doesn’t look anything like it did when Michelle and Jason were there. I would like to go back to those days again for a little while (sigh).

Heck, even Paschal’s exterior has changed since Michelle and Jason were there and it has only been a year and a bit since Jason graduated there. Nothing stays the same. I think the reason you can never go back home again is because what was there for you isn’t ever there anymore or does everyone already know that. (sigh, again)

September 02, 2008

You know how people sometimes look like their pets? Not only do look like them, but pets also do the same things as their peeps. Take Zoe and me for instance. We are both female, very overweight, and we are suffering from ow’ees (her foot and my cold sore) right now. We like to eat and sleep a lot. She sometimes snorts in her sleep and so do I.

and lastly, she drools when she is sleeping…like me.

September 01, 2008


I am being punished. I have not had a cold sore since school days. Either I don’t remember how painful cold sores can be or this is the worse one I have ever had. So now I must atone. Anyone who reads this (which is maybe 2 or 3), I am sorry. 

So today, September 1, 2008, I am going to start being a better person.

Now with that statement, I must follow through and really try. I will still be a leetle bit sarcastic and critical, but I will really try not to. It isn’t going to be easy, but I will try.

And you thought I was going to talk about how cute James MacAvoy is in Atonement! (I will eventually even it is a little bit ooky).