April 30, 2010

Today is the last day that my hair will be long for a long long long while. I am getting it cut to donate to Locks of Love. The first time I had heard of someone doing this, I thought it was such a nice thing to do and I wanted to do the same. My hair wasn’t too short when my niece decided to cut hers for Locks of Love while she was here last summer. I took her and watched her get her beautiful silky hair cut. And so I thought, I am going to do this.

My sister asked me if I was secretly wanting to capture one last time my 16 year old hair and I said of course not, I am doing it for Locks of Love. But yes, she was right, I wanted to think that I could look like my 16year old self - I always felt like that was the year I peaked. I do not feel like I am one of those who just gets prettier and prettier with age. There are so many women that are just gorgeous when they are older and I am pretty sure I am not one of them.

That is a bit depressing, but true (sigh)

So, here I am (without my glasses - they are in Mom’s car) ready to get my hair cut off. I will be taking with me the Vogue cover with Michelle William’s very short hair cut with me to show how I want my hair to look like after the main cut.

I must say that I am a bit nervous. Several weeks ago, I couldn’t WAIT to get it cut off. It was bugging me when it was down and I was going through a hot flash (probably a hint to why old women shouldn’t have long youthful hair). Another day, while exercising, my hair was up in a loose bun and the weight of it was irritating me. But now, I don’t want to cut it off because it the day before the day that I decided that I was going to cut it off.

There really is something empowering about long hair. I create different looks even though I mostly wear it in a loose bun. I feel sexier and I just like the feel of it.

Well, as the saying goes, it’s just hair. I could grow it out again, couldn’t I? Or at almost 53, is this my last long hair look?

Please note the beautiful allergy eyes!

April 29, 2010

the perfect storm: highest pollen count ever (practically) + lots of wind + walk for an hour + wearing bangs (i found out that hair carries a lot of pollen) = major allergy eyes. i felt like i had conjunctivitis, it looked so bad. now after a day of eye drops, i am much better.

April 19, 2010

reminder to myself - always keep a clean house because you never know when you will get a letter from a realtor looking for a house for a client who is willing to pay twice the price we paid. today, i got a call to see our house tomorrow!!! what!?!!! my house is embarrassingly filthy. so what can you do from 4:00pm till bedtime? pick up and vacuum. no dusting, no cleaning of bathtubs or toilets, no mopping, not getting dust bunnies (big HUGE dust bunnies) from under the sofas. whew!! what a mess.

i seriously doubt it will come to an offer, but this was a wake up. i mean, suppose someone wanted to come by and chat? i would have to say…”uhhhhhhhh, let’s meet at starbucks!”

after our little time out in san antonio, i am going to do a thorough spring cleaning.

April 13, 2010

it’s time to get organized. it’s time to scrub the house. it’s time to lose weight and get fit. the wedding is in 7 months, my dress must be fitted in june, and i turn 53 in may. no more blog watching. no more procrastinations. as jane lynch sang tonight, “don’t just stand there. let’s get to it. strike a pose. there’s nothing to it.vogue…vogue…vogue!”

April 06, 2010

went to austin weekend last. i didn’t post until now because just thinking of all the work that we need to do for the wedding has kept me from getting a good night’s sleep. we will be getting into work mode as soon as the worst of the allergy attack on michelle has gone. it’s hard to be motivated to design a save the date or make big decisions on the wedding when your brain is full of snot.

anyway, the best part of planning in austin? jo’s cafe latte outside in great spring weather - cool, breezy and not humid AND PIE!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy!