April 19, 2010

reminder to myself - always keep a clean house because you never know when you will get a letter from a realtor looking for a house for a client who is willing to pay twice the price we paid. today, i got a call to see our house tomorrow!!! what!?!!! my house is embarrassingly filthy. so what can you do from 4:00pm till bedtime? pick up and vacuum. no dusting, no cleaning of bathtubs or toilets, no mopping, not getting dust bunnies (big HUGE dust bunnies) from under the sofas. whew!! what a mess.

i seriously doubt it will come to an offer, but this was a wake up. i mean, suppose someone wanted to come by and chat? i would have to say…”uhhhhhhhh, let’s meet at starbucks!”

after our little time out in san antonio, i am going to do a thorough spring cleaning.

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