September 22, 2009

ughhhhhhhhh……i just ate a whole bag of chips! i have been on weight watchers for 3 1/2 months & still can’t seem to eat just a portion of chips. i am recording this in my blog, hoping i will remember how i feel right now. my stomach really hurts. i am hoping this apple will cut through all the fat. i ate well in seattle, but didn’t eat till i felt sick like right now. plus, we walked up a lot of hills after each meal. seattle is more slanty than san francisco.

another sweet from seattle. a really nice person at vu suggested le panier bakery for bread and beechers for cheese for deliciousness. what he forgot to suggest are the really good french macaroons there. they were really pretty and really yummy (the baguette and the signature cheese was equally yummy)

September 21, 2009

just back from seattle and it was i can sum it up in this little photo of heaven….cupcake from cupcake royale. the very best cupcake that was ever made. this is a carrot cake one (without pineapple or coconut….hello… is CARROT cake) and later i had the mountain huckleberry.mmmmmmmmmmm….so very very very good

i sent them an email telling them how very sad i was not to ever have another one again. do you think that they will feel sorry for me and send me a cupcake or maybe a recipe, IF i promise never ever to share it with anyone?

September 13, 2009

Today, Sunday

As usual Dr Boring was NOT boring in Sunday School and had a great start to Matthew 1:1 & 2. One of many things he said was about people in general and for example, that Adam & Eve wanted to eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge. That they wanted to be more than what all the other parts of the garden of Eden were. And that brought to my mind the quote from Marlon Brando’s character from The Waterfront … “I could’ve been a contender…I could have been somebody.” And in the play last night, Three Days of Rain, one of the characters goes mad and one reason was because she, too, wanted to be somebody. She wanted to be significant and contribute to society. Isn’t that why vimeo, youtube, facebook, twitter and blogs exist? To make us feel significant? It’s weird that all this happened to me in just 2 days. hmmmmmm…..

September 09, 2009

Is it wrong to really love an object? Because I really really like my new sunglasses. Now that I have said that, Murphy’s Law dictates that I will soon lose, step or sit on them. I hope not because I really really love these sunglasses! (PS I just got through working out at the gym and am a leetle pale and sweaty. I am sure I look much cooler in these than the photo indicates! heh heh)