November 26, 2011

2 movies in one weekend

because son jason was in town (yea!) and loves movies just as much as husband scott and i do, we saw tower heist and the muppet movie. both were light and fun, but i noticed that in both movies the bad guys are now wall street and oil men. funny how our bad guys change with the times, hunh?

anyway, i had fun squeezed between my 2 leaning-in-men (not leading men, ha!) and watching the movies. i especially enjoyed the song - 'am i a man or a muppet?'. i think i will be downloading that one soon.

here's what you do when you are waiting to go into the theatre...

pretty hilarious!

November 23, 2011

happy day before thanksgiving

i just came home from central market and it was actually a very pleasant experience. yes, it was chock-a-block, but still maneuverable. there were actual gaps or empty spaces in parts of the store AND when i got to the butcher section and pulled number 45 and the sign said they were on 41 (and not 20 like normal holiday shopping time), i smiled. no lines at check out and 3 "have a great thanksgivings" and i was out the door. so very pleasant. i must have timed it juuuuuuussssssssttttttttttt right, which is my first thank you for thanksgiving.

this isn't a thanksgiving photo, but as i parked my car in the driveway, i caught sight of this dandelion and thought it was kinda' pretty, so i took a photo.

this year, we are not hosting thanksgiving, and somehow, i got out of having to make anything, too. another thanksgiving thank you.

so, now you are wondering why i even attempted to go to the grocery store on the day before thanksgiving, aren't you? i am not having thanksgiving at my house, i am not bringing any dishes to the host and hostess of thanksgiving, and daughter michelle and her dru are not coming :-(.

so why fight the crowds?

son jason!

ooooops, i mean son jason!

how did THAT happen?

when he visits my dreams, he is usually the little one.

cannot wait! another great big thanks on thanksgiving.

hope you all have a great thanksgiving and your loved ones are together and you can give lots o' thanks this year.

November 21, 2011

monday, monday

this could have very easily been a 'i hate mondays' post. first day of the work week and one team member is on vacation. husband scott loooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeesssssss to assign something to me to do 15 minutes before i leave for the day and because it's thanksgiving week, i am on hold forever. plus i am a little tense about returning a pair of 'wore-all-day' boots back to j crew because there is popped nail head sticking out under the leather label in the sole. plus, i had a pap smear (yea! always fun!) scheduled today and since i was running late, i was worried i wouldn't be able to shower before my appointment. AND, the weather looks like this...
see that cypress to the left. it is showing you that we are having drizzly gray weather where one feels a little droopy.

it makes the house cold inside, but i feel funny putting on the heat when it is really not THAT cold outside. it's in the high 50's. northerners would scoff if they knew how i long to turn on the heat.

i do have my fake little fire roaring in my fireplace. i, actually, love gas logs. no mess, no smoke, no having to go outside and get logs, no worries of smoldering cinders when it's time for bed. i can just turn it on and off...just like that. it's warm and cozy. it doesn't have the crackle and pop or that nice smell. i can light my favorite candle for this time of the year - Thymes Fir. it smells like the holidays when it's lit.


i got side tracked. what was i saying - that this could have been an icky monday. it really really could have been.


j crew took back the boots without a single hitch! my wait at the gyno was relatively short (obstetrics really slows down the process). my regular doctor just had a baby, so i saw another, instead.


she was so nice.

you know how, at times, you can instantly like a person? she had that open, fresh, sweet face and personality (although, now that i am old, the doctors are starting to look like children to me). i have been feeling sorry for myself and my GERD diagnosis and the doctor was sympathetic, saying that she has battled acid reflux since she was a child and just recently had surgery to correct it. that pretty much made my complaint seem very very small. just as i start to feel sorry for myself, someone comes along with a much bigger problem than me. sometimes that can make me feel like i'm whinging (i like that word better than's australian for whining). but my doctor was so nice, she made me feel better and she was so nice.

did i tell you how nice she was?

so, it just goes to show can never know when you can make someone feel better at the end of a bad day by just being nice. i need to be nice more often.

November 16, 2011

deflated, defeated

i don't know if it's just the post-back-from-a-fun-trip-blues, the loads of laundry waiting to be washed, dried and folded, being diagnosed with GERD, the heartburn that feels like a heart attack or coming home, today, and noticing a, and i am not kidding, half inch black hair growing out of my chin.

i will post more cheery posts, later, about my fun trip to chicago, etc.

bye, for now...

November 07, 2011

and i'm out

today is monday and i almost titled this post as 'i hate mondays'. this is becoming a trend and i don't like it. is how my monday went. let me preface this with this: i was thinking that, for once, i had everything organized and ready to go this morning as i left for work.

after work, i left, ON TIME FOR ONCE, to the gym to work out...started to change and wha'! i forgot to pack a pair of pants! i have forgotten socks a couple of times, but never have i forgotten to pack a pair of shorts or workout pants. so, trainer/friend kelly asked a friend if she had something i could borrow and here is what i wore for working out...

her son's gym shorts! yea! (first strike)

so, i did get to work out.

then, i showered and left for my doctor's appointment and realized i had missed it. i thought it was at another time and it wasn't. (second strike)

after this, i was so looking forward to my manicure appointment. i was treating myself to some polish done right after my great mani at the beach (not...i will post that later). i got there and they had cancelled on me. to be fair, they did call me on my phone, but i didn't get the message, so they had tried to reach me.  (third strike)

rats! i hate mondays.

then i saw a friend at j crew where i was looking for a warm hat for chicago and oooops! a little retail therapy and a nice chat with a friend.

heh heh heh