November 07, 2011

and i'm out

today is monday and i almost titled this post as 'i hate mondays'. this is becoming a trend and i don't like it. is how my monday went. let me preface this with this: i was thinking that, for once, i had everything organized and ready to go this morning as i left for work.

after work, i left, ON TIME FOR ONCE, to the gym to work out...started to change and wha'! i forgot to pack a pair of pants! i have forgotten socks a couple of times, but never have i forgotten to pack a pair of shorts or workout pants. so, trainer/friend kelly asked a friend if she had something i could borrow and here is what i wore for working out...

her son's gym shorts! yea! (first strike)

so, i did get to work out.

then, i showered and left for my doctor's appointment and realized i had missed it. i thought it was at another time and it wasn't. (second strike)

after this, i was so looking forward to my manicure appointment. i was treating myself to some polish done right after my great mani at the beach (not...i will post that later). i got there and they had cancelled on me. to be fair, they did call me on my phone, but i didn't get the message, so they had tried to reach me.  (third strike)

rats! i hate mondays.

then i saw a friend at j crew where i was looking for a warm hat for chicago and oooops! a little retail therapy and a nice chat with a friend.

heh heh heh

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  1. I sort of stopped blogging for a bit. Don't know if I'll start again or not. Love the pics, though.