November 16, 2011

deflated, defeated

i don't know if it's just the post-back-from-a-fun-trip-blues, the loads of laundry waiting to be washed, dried and folded, being diagnosed with GERD, the heartburn that feels like a heart attack or coming home, today, and noticing a, and i am not kidding, half inch black hair growing out of my chin.

i will post more cheery posts, later, about my fun trip to chicago, etc.

bye, for now...


  1. Lil' sis11/16/11, 5:26 PM

    Where were Scott and Michelle the whole time? Chin hair maintenance is the responsibility of the onlooker. A couple of years ago, Rolf and I were driving to a restaurant for an anniversary date and halfway there (while driving) he said "You have a hair on your face." We pulled over, he plucked, and off we went.

  2. i know, right?

    but, because i constantly tell scott that he has something on his face, i am not allowed to comment any more. for some reason, he may think he is doing me a favor by not commenting to me about things like that.

    it reminds me of an article i read about this person who goes to a party, feeling good about her dress choice, hair and make up looking good. she feels all flirty and really enjoys herself. then...she goes home and notices that she had something stuck in her teeth. she, immediately, turns to her husband and says, "how come you didn't say anything?!!" his response was, "what? i didn't notice anything? you look great" which is nice, but annoying at the same time.