January 27, 2012


i know. i know. who hasn't seen this.

but this is how i feel

January 26, 2012

i just keep them in stitches*

8 to be exact.

guess what i did today...

i lopped off a side of my finger today. yep...i was using a guillotine style paper cutter today, something i have used a thousand times. unlike the times i have cut myself with the mandoline, i cut a big chunk completely off. i made my first trip to the emergency room for me. i'm lucky. i haven't been too many times before. once with michelle who thought she broke her arm...she didn't, once with jason who thought he broke his arm...stress fracture, and once with scott who thought he broke his leg...he didn't...he broke his arm. here is my advice, be careful playing soccer, don't play football, and don't take down the christmas ornaments while going down a rickety ladder in slippers, respectively.

the best part of the day? everyone's kindness and concerns. it wasn't a life threatening experience, but it was nice to hear from everyone. i even got flowers from the office.

if you're squeamish, don't scroll down. it isn't too painful, so far. the tetanus shot hurts more right now. AND the shot to deaden the finger was the worst. how can such a small needle of numbing stuff hurt so much? we need to invent something that deadens the pain before those shots are injected, seriously.
8 teeny tiny stitches.

*oh and p s, name that song & movie

January 18, 2012

just a quick one, then i gotta' quit looking at the computer...

i was catching up with the blogs (best thing to do when one doesn't feel like doing anything), which i probably need to up date on the side over there...to the right (i've added and subtracted since i put that list on the side).

anyhoo, i saw this at cup of jo, one of my favorite blogs:

audrey hepburn, a bit pixilated, but...

so beautiful, right?

then i was scanning some photos that i had taken over christmas and saw this:
twins, right?

i thought so.

now back to work.

January 17, 2012


whew! i have been in a whirlwind and now all i want to do is sit...and do...absolutely nothing.

here is what has gone on since the last post BEFORE CHRISTMAS (yikes!)

decorating the tree (my two most favorite ornaments from germany)

decorating christmas cookies. son jason's zombie gingerbread man was the first one to be done.

some were more inventive (jason), some were really colorful (michelle and dru) and some were more subdued & traditional (me).

then, there is always last minute shopping. although, i really did get most of it done early enough to wrap them all up before guests arrive.

i did end up in the bishop arts area of dallas and saw this.

i love it!

plus it right next door to dude, sweet.

then, at last, it was christmas! i never ever ever take any photos. i have very few. i guess that i am more really enjoying myself and taking it all in, but here are a few.

this my niece who got an itty bitty baby from american girl from us. i could not resist the red headed baby doll. i think that a chow life is so very lucky to have a real red headed baby.

son-in-law dru was fun to watch unwrap  gifts. he still retains that child like attention of playing with his gift and must be persuaded to open another. love that.

and then there is son jason, who won't sit still for the photo. he hoped that his arm was blurry to demonstrate the rotation action of his new sausage grinder.
then there is all the laundry that son jason brought home. i love doing his laundry. there isn't much i do for my children anymore, so this gives me great pleasure (although, the timing was a little off). i think he brought home his whole closet.
then, there was my father's 80th birthday party. we celebrated a couple of weeks early since we had all the family in town. sister laura and her beautiful daughter ita posed for me before the party started. there are way better photos taken by daughter michelle. i need to do a post on that.

then, there was the jean paul gaultier exhibit at the dma. a must see.

then came new year's eve which consisted of gnocchi, fireworks, and s'mores. here is dear ol' dad making our marshmallow roasters, with my mother's scarf on. just wanted to make that clear.
a little more sophisticated than the usual coat hanger marshmallow roasting sticks, right?
love love love having fireworks for new year's eve. here is an old video that michelle made of us on the same porch on the 4th. i can't believe it has been 3 years since that was done.
then, there was bowling. i am the worst bowler in history. (look how pretty michelle is) and then, sister laura and family went home, then daughter michelle went home. then, some dear friends from australia passed through on their way to austin, san antonio and fredericksburg. i had not seen them in 18 years.

18 years!!!

that is a long time not to see someone. i was so excited and nervous, and moreover, what should we do here in fort worth? i know there is a lot to do here, but one wants to do the best things when there is only a day or two, right?
so, we had lunch at the modern.

i tried to get reservations at tim love's lonesome dove bistro in the stockyards, but they close for a few days after the holidays (sigh).

then went to the stockyards and drooled over leddy's $1500 - $3000 cowboy boots.

we had steak at haufbrau. gotta' have steak while in texas.

then, they were off to austin, etc.

then, they came back (yea!) and we went to angelo's for barbecue. my eyes were bigger than my stomach and i had to give some of my really yummy ribs to husband scott (should have gotten the half plate, right, deb?)

after angelos, we went to the opening night of the fort worth rodeo and stock show. it. was. so. much. fun! my favorite part was when the cowboys have to separate the calfs by sequential numbers and the bucking broncos (of course).
here is the milking of the wild cows. it is not very easy to do. those girls are big and strong and they don't sit still...at all.


everyone was gone.

just like that.

i had a book that i needed to read for book club on friday and got that done while doing laundry. i really liked it, so it was easy to finish. i couldn't put it down. it's 'to be sung underwater' by tom mcneal. i recommend it.


it's time to look forward and to start thinking about new year's resolutions. think i am about 17 days late on that, but i figure most people have started breaking theirs and i have, yet, to begin, so i am ahead of the game.

my resolutions?

next post.
until then, enjoy a good book and watch, again, downtown abbey, season 2 (so very very good), and do a little procratinatin'.