January 26, 2012

i just keep them in stitches*

8 to be exact.

guess what i did today...

i lopped off a side of my finger today. yep...i was using a guillotine style paper cutter today, something i have used a thousand times. unlike the times i have cut myself with the mandoline, i cut a big chunk completely off. i made my first trip to the emergency room for me. i'm lucky. i haven't been too many times before. once with michelle who thought she broke her arm...she didn't, once with jason who thought he broke his arm...stress fracture, and once with scott who thought he broke his leg...he didn't...he broke his arm. here is my advice, be careful playing soccer, don't play football, and don't take down the christmas ornaments while going down a rickety ladder in slippers, respectively.

the best part of the day? everyone's kindness and concerns. it wasn't a life threatening experience, but it was nice to hear from everyone. i even got flowers from the office.

if you're squeamish, don't scroll down. it isn't too painful, so far. the tetanus shot hurts more right now. AND the shot to deaden the finger was the worst. how can such a small needle of numbing stuff hurt so much? we need to invent something that deadens the pain before those shots are injected, seriously.
8 teeny tiny stitches.

*oh and p s, name that song & movie

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