November 23, 2011

happy day before thanksgiving

i just came home from central market and it was actually a very pleasant experience. yes, it was chock-a-block, but still maneuverable. there were actual gaps or empty spaces in parts of the store AND when i got to the butcher section and pulled number 45 and the sign said they were on 41 (and not 20 like normal holiday shopping time), i smiled. no lines at check out and 3 "have a great thanksgivings" and i was out the door. so very pleasant. i must have timed it juuuuuuussssssssttttttttttt right, which is my first thank you for thanksgiving.

this isn't a thanksgiving photo, but as i parked my car in the driveway, i caught sight of this dandelion and thought it was kinda' pretty, so i took a photo.

this year, we are not hosting thanksgiving, and somehow, i got out of having to make anything, too. another thanksgiving thank you.

so, now you are wondering why i even attempted to go to the grocery store on the day before thanksgiving, aren't you? i am not having thanksgiving at my house, i am not bringing any dishes to the host and hostess of thanksgiving, and daughter michelle and her dru are not coming :-(.

so why fight the crowds?

son jason!

ooooops, i mean son jason!

how did THAT happen?

when he visits my dreams, he is usually the little one.

cannot wait! another great big thanks on thanksgiving.

hope you all have a great thanksgiving and your loved ones are together and you can give lots o' thanks this year.

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