November 26, 2011

2 movies in one weekend

because son jason was in town (yea!) and loves movies just as much as husband scott and i do, we saw tower heist and the muppet movie. both were light and fun, but i noticed that in both movies the bad guys are now wall street and oil men. funny how our bad guys change with the times, hunh?

anyway, i had fun squeezed between my 2 leaning-in-men (not leading men, ha!) and watching the movies. i especially enjoyed the song - 'am i a man or a muppet?'. i think i will be downloading that one soon.

here's what you do when you are waiting to go into the theatre...

pretty hilarious!


  1. Wow! Jason looks just like his dad in the second photo...not the hands in surrender, but the face :)

  2. he IS his father, indeed. however i have a photo of john and i where john looks exactly jason.