April 30, 2010

Today is the last day that my hair will be long for a long long long while. I am getting it cut to donate to Locks of Love. The first time I had heard of someone doing this, I thought it was such a nice thing to do and I wanted to do the same. My hair wasn’t too short when my niece decided to cut hers for Locks of Love while she was here last summer. I took her and watched her get her beautiful silky hair cut. And so I thought, I am going to do this.

My sister asked me if I was secretly wanting to capture one last time my 16 year old hair and I said of course not, I am doing it for Locks of Love. But yes, she was right, I wanted to think that I could look like my 16year old self - I always felt like that was the year I peaked. I do not feel like I am one of those who just gets prettier and prettier with age. There are so many women that are just gorgeous when they are older and I am pretty sure I am not one of them.

That is a bit depressing, but true (sigh)

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