November 21, 2010

sorry for not posting anything for a very long while. just got finished with daughter michelle’s wedding which was SO MUCH FUN! it was worth all the hard decisions that were made, which details to incorporate and worrying about all the stuff that needs to get done before the wedding. the best decision that we made? hiring a ‘day of’ wedding coordinator. worth every penny. seriously. i will post more of the details soon. i tried to take before and during photos of the wedding, but seriously failed because i was busy and kept forgetting to take my camera out. i will have to wait for the photographer’s photos.

and though the wedding was last weekend, my sister laura and sister-in-law lynn stayed around for a week here, so i didn’t get much done because i was having way too much fun!

speaking of sister laura…she noticed that my blog centers a lot around photos of food. and she is right. there are a lot of photos of food. i like food.

i am going to try to branch out and add other photos of stuff, but in the meantime…here is a photo of a most delicious brownie. take ghirardelli brownie mix and add toasted walnuts and voila…the best brownies ever.

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