November 22, 2010

i’ve decided to add a little eye candy to my posting. since mondays are not everyone’s favorite day, why not? (i used to LOVE mondays when i was a stay-at-home mom because mondays were the days that children went to school and husband went to work…aaaaaaaah.)

this is from gq. i did pick up the magazine while in borders since he was on the cover and real all.about.him.

so…lately i’ve been thinking about this guy since i read about the movie 127 hours. this is the making of a possible oscar for james franco. it’s about time that he is doing something like this. i mean, he graduated from columbia with a degree in english literature and is in graduate studies at yale. come on…

he was pretty in tristan + isolde, but it wasn’t a great movie. i loved his character in freaks and geeks. pineapple express was great. i didn’t even recognize him, at first. AND, he is even on general hospital. this guy is cool. (and he has amazing eyes)

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