October 05, 2010

now that it has cooled…somewhat. i mean…it’s october and i am reading other blogs where the bloggers are winterizing their gardens, hoping that the predicted freeze doesn’t kill their gardens and thinking about what’s on their minds for fall clothes. it did feel coolish this morning, but it could be the air conditioner. the high today is 78 degrees and it’s going to fluctuate from 83 to 87 degrees through monday!!!

but…i do need to clean out my closet after throwing everything on the floor this last month instead of putting it in its proper place. so, that’s what i did. i couldn’t really bring out winter clothes, but i did put up sandals and summer cotton skirts. since, we are having a garage sale this weekend, i also cleaned out stuff i just don’t wear anymore, but i still have a very full closet. that doesn’t stop me from looking at the last catalog from j crew.

i heart j crew!!!

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