October 03, 2010

i love it when i get a fortune from the cookie like this. so, what are my present plans? well….there is a wedding in 6 (yikes!) weeks, the ongoing “gotta’ lose a lot of pounds in 6 weeks plan”, and i could go on, but i won’t because it is the same ol’ tirade. let’s see if this fortune comes true. i have another that rings more true above my desk. can’t remember what it says exactly, but it goes something like “the only that stands between you and success is you”….or something like that. so it boils down to this….a lot that happens in one’s life has to do with the decisions one makes. every morning i wake up and tell myself that i am going stick to my guns and not overrated and i will go to the gym and i will get a project done when i get home, but by mid morning i have talked myself into doing the exact opposite. why?

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