September 23, 2010

I heart Amy Tan!
I went to hear her at TCU Tuesday night. She is so engaging. After her talk, I stood in line for a long time to have her sign my books. Before leaving the house, I collected what I could find on my bookshelf and came up with four of them. I kept going back and forth on whether I should bring four books, (couldn’t find Hundred Secret Senses) and wondered a bit if it was … I don’t know… piggish … or was it a compliment to bring them? I wish now that I also had her memoir with me to be signed. I am going to take my coupon and buy it tomorrow. Also, see that red chop? Ms Tan doesn’t usually use it to sign books, but her thumb was in a splint, so she couldn’t notate, which leads to a little bragging … there was a Q and A where the audience wrote questions that were collected, screened and then asked. Only 3 were selected. The first 2 were questions about to get started writing a book and the third? It was … What happened to your thumb? … which happened to be the question I submitted (now, I know, someone else could have submitted the same question, but I would like to think it was mine.
Oh and how did she hurt her thumb? While juggling packages and the car door, she closed the door on her thumb. Her comment was that she was amazed that a door could close so tightly with a thumb in between the door and the car. Ouch!

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