August 04, 2008


Michelle, my daughter, set up my blog, but only I am contributing to it. She says I need to change the colors that I have chosen, but I like how it looks, for now. Michelle is trying to fix up her blog, one more thing . I like hers, too. She is more creative than I am. We both think that color is very very very important. 

I like things to line up just right as well. Both my children like to tease me because I adjust the volume on the TV in increments of 5. (So, when I adjust it to say “30”, Jason or Michelle will up it to “31” or “32”.) Does that make me OCD? I don’t have to have it like that in order to watch TV, I just like it like that.

My brother-in-law thinks I am too neat, as well, and when he sat at my desk last week (after I left…I work part time), he totally dis-organized it. It was pretty funny except the part where he messed with the computer settings on my computer. I thought my computer was malfunctioning and was on hold with the help desk till he fixed it (ha ha…so funny, I forgot to laugh…that is such an old saying…do people actually say that anymore?)

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