March 13, 2012


hello...i bet you were wondering if i was gone. i'm not. it's amazing how it takes me so much time to get back into blogging. i try to be regular, but i will go out of town and then i get off track.

we are refinancing our mortgage since the rate has dropped so much from our first/second refinancing. so... today, i had an appraiser come in to do an, well, an appraisal (that's pretty much what an appraiser does, right?). she didn't make a single comment except, have you fixed the leak (yes) that's stained the ceiling and have you done anything to your home in the last 5 years (uhhhhhhhhhh...nope).

so...then i started seeing the house in her eyes.
stains from air conditioner overflow - fixed, but not painted, yet...i was waiting till i painted the walls.
peeling wallpaper (the ugliest wallpaper in the world): not fixing...i was waiting for husband scott to okay a bathroom remodel, which he has. now, i have to wait till next week for meeting with contractor.

pink and grey fake marble...who chooses that? seriously?! who would want to have this for countertops, shower walls and bathtub??
ruined wooden floor - word of advice...don't have castors on chairs and then wheel around on a wood floor. we are getting an estimate for this, too.


i have so many ideas...i don't follow design sponge for nothing. it takes me sooooooooooooo long to do stuff. i wish i had chez larsson's energy.

i bet she doesn't hulu 'the bachelor.'

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