February 21, 2012

fat tuesday

traditionally, fat tuesday means pancakes for dinner. i don't know why. i remember going to either to church for pancake dinner or mom fixing pancakes or...i don't know if it was more than once, but i vaguely remember going with our neighborhood friends to the tom thumb grocery store parking lot where, i think, a boy scout troop sponsored a pancake dinner in richardson.

anyone remember that?

lent is also a good way to kick start a diet. i given up dr pepper, chocolate (not together) and one time i gave up foods that started with a 'c'. that was hard. i was thinking, you know, cookies, candy, cake and chocolate, but it also included corn and cereal and other things i didn't realize i would have to give up after i made that decision.

i don't think that is why lent was invented, though...to kick start a diet. actually i do know why we have the lenten season. we are supposed to give up something we love, so that we will know suffering, much like jesus did in the desert for 40 days and also, it's to prepare us for easter. there is something in the bible about our bodies are temples for god and we must keep them clean. i don't know where it says it. i thought i would have come across it in psalms. we are doing a program of reading the bible in 90 days and i just finished psalms...well sorta'. i kinda' scanned it. i am going to go back and read psalms, 4 each day, for lent, because it is hard to read page after page of psalms. i think it is because, to me, it's like reading hymns in a hymnal and one cannot quite get as much out of a hymn when one is just reading through.

anyhoo, about keeping our bodies clean is a good reason, for me, to give up the many many bad habits i have accrued lately. so, i am putting a stop to: soft drinks, especially dr pepper, over eating, no more fast food lunches, and all of the things i indulged in today for fat tuesday...

no more venti-sized lattes or iced coffees. i am not giving up starbucks altogether. i am just limiting myself to 1 tall latte or iced coffee a day. 'just'...that makes it seem better, but seriously, i go to starbucks every morning during the work week.

also, no more bought breakfasts, except when i am travelling. goodbye, zucchini walnut muffins.

no more fast food lunches, except when travelling. and when i am travelling, it cannot be fried foods or french fries.

no more dr peppers. there are no exceptions on this subject.

btw, that texas toast was really good.

no more green tea frappacinos. not even a tall, not even without classic syrup, not even without whipped cream.

no more.

even though green tea is good for me.

i just will drink iced green tea...straight up...without sweetener of any kind...not frapped.

no more HUGE dinners. proper portions, where half your plate contains vegetables, not mashed potatoes. (btw, i ate more than 1 spear of asparagus...i promise)

and, really(?), i ate the whole steak. even husband scott set aside half of his for tomorrow.

also, steak and mashed potatoes are waaaaaaaay more tasty than pancakes.

and, lastly, no more whole chocolate bars. a bite of dessert is plenty, thank you.

theo's hazelnut crunch is soooooooo good. it's got a sweet crunch of toffee, a teeny bit of saltiness enrobed in milk chocolate (i like saying enrobed...sounds pretentious, doesn't it?). theo's milk chocolate mint is also really really good.

also, do not ever buy this hot chocolate. it is so so rich and creamy and it is waaaaaaaaay too good. it can become a very very very bad habit, especially with graham crackers which can be used to scrape the last bit out of the cup. i'm serious. do not go to your local central market and buy it. trust me.

happy fat tuesday and i hope you added a few pounds to your body as i did today.

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