July 26, 2012


i've neglected this blog for so long that i could end it all right now.

why do i blog?

i don't make any money with it, and it's not a profession. i don't have a lot of followers, so i won't really be missed. i have always felt a little funny telling people that i have a blog and try to self promote...somewhat. and i have certainly not gone viral and ellen degeneres has not invited me to her show.

so...why should i continue? why?

then...i have a really bad day. okay, it wasn't earth shatteringly bad. it was more just a one-thing-after-another kind of day. not something that is really worth writing down.

but, then i work out and i feel better.

and, i talk to daughter michelle who makes me feel even better.

then...i fix myself this

spinach with watermelon, cucumber & feta cheese...salty and refreshing.

and i have the following text conversation with son jason:

me: "what do you need from home that i can bring you?"
jason: "there's a purple connector cable in my room that i need. also, the third place chess trophy above the bed. that's it."
me: "why the trophy?"
jason: "why not?"

and, suddenly i'm having a great day and i have something that i really want to write about, so that when i look back at my blog, i will read this and smile.

why blog?

why not?

btw, son jason was in a summer chess class (tcjc for kids), and the teacher had a chess tournament open for all classes, and jason won third.

he was eight years old.


  1. Hey...I totally get this. Why blog? Why not? No...we're not making money and trust me when I tell you that after the freelance market dried up, blogging looked like the answer to prayer. It also looked like the solution to all those words that were jamming up my thought frequencies. There was a day when I thought having ANYONE read was a good thing and then I started noticing that there's the equivalent of a high school clique when it comes to blogging. There are those who can put a roof over their heads with the proceeds from it and then there's the rest of us. Truthfully, those in the former group got to the blogging table first. And? They're willing to "whore out"all kinds of embarrassing family info to gain readers. Don't get me wrong...it's TOTALLY entertaining, but if I did that, no one would ever speak to me. Don't give up. I've found that people read even when they don't comment. I used to have way more commenters and now I have almost none. It's frustrating, but I'm happy for the outlet. Granted, writing for actual people is more inspiring, but the exercise itself counts no matter what.

    1. you are such a good writer. you will, clearly, have a huge following in no time. it shows just in your comments alone.

      i will keep trying, but i will never be as good.