July 30, 2012


natalie portman, i've been told, is a guys' girl, meaning guys like this kinda' girl hanging out with them in their natural environment. i always thought it would be cool to have a bunch of guy friends that would let you in and i could just have fun, when i was younger. i kinda' saw this over the weekend when i watched son jason play ultimate frisbee...

the girls on their team are fun loving and laid back, playing amiably with the guys.


i saw the flip side of the coin. i was helping son jason move his stuff out of one house and into another. 

i would never ever want to spend time with the guys there. 

i told my son that the next place may not be so gross laid back, so he might want to keep his room a little neater. i said this before i got to the new place.

again, i would never ever want to spend time with the guys there, either...ever.

i brought back a few souvenirs to remind me that i do not want to be a guys' girl.


oh, and p s, he caught the frisbee.

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