November 12, 2009

ALSO, tonight i went with mary to the lone star international film festival with ‘guest of mary stamm’ vip pass (yes, i felt very cool). we saw touching home. it was a good film and there was q & a which was interesting, too. and, behind us was tommy hunter, pitcher for the texas rangers. he gave a ranger shirt to the director, writer & actor twin brothers before the film since texas rangers sponsered the movie. so, i had to get an autograph. then, i called jason to let him know and he wants to know why i am such a celebrity magnet, but i really am not….just a celebrity athlete magnet. since i was in the movie theatre with tommy hunter, and another time with jerry jones and then there is the photo of me and paul pierce, and the time we were in the elevator at the mandarin with some pro basketball player that i can’t remember his name (jason hasn’t forgiven me yet for that). so, yeah i’ve met some athletes. but for all the times i have been in manhatten, i have yet to see any actors. i’m such a celebrity whore star struck.

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