January 13, 2010

see this? this is what i going to have all day. i am starting the master cleanse tomorrow. i love the idea of cleansing your body of toxins and i am believing that it will. i am the worst with discipline and even more worse with completing anything. so i am really hoping that i can go through with this. the cleanse involves drinking 2 liters of “lemonade” made of lemon juice, maple syrup & cayenne pepper and a liter of water. then, at the end of the day, drinking a liter of salt water with another liter of water which will cause me to …. ahem …. poop. 5 - 7 days is ideal to do this. i have set my goal to 4 days. then on monday, i begin to ease in to eating again. daughter michelle has heard (read) that after this, i will not crave bad food. i hope to stay off dr peppers and processed food. and, i hope to continue with weight watchers till i reach my goal.

so, let’s see what happens. it may be stupid to chronicle this, but maybe i will be able to go through this to the end. then, i will post my new year’s resolutions next…maybe.

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