June 05, 2010

brooklyn. it would have been so much more fun if it hadn’t been raining so hard. we started out with coffee (natch) and i had a vegan muffin which i was told is so very healthy for me (i am sure it offset the sundae from the night before. oh…and the chocolate croissant from another breakfast;). sister Laura is figuring out where we are going to go and what was the easiest way to get there…on my iPad!!! yep! i got an iPad for my birthday from my family. i love it!!! like my brain, i am probably using only 10% of its capabilities. that reminds me, remember that movie “Defending Your Life” with Meryl Streep and what’s his face? i am going to have to rent that again. so funny.

anyways…brooklyn…we were trying to find a place that sister Laura wanted to go to for lunch. there was an article in the NY times about it and we thought it was the place we went to…possibly. it wasn’t, but it had the best soup and sandwiches. it was called marlow and sons. i had a muffuletta and sister Laura had a sandwich and great fresh soup. i wanna’ say it was romaine lettuce? but now i can’t remember…boy! today is NOT a good day to post. i can’t remember anything today. i do remember the delicious peanut butter cookie and chocolate cookie i bought to go. the chocolate chip cookie had coarse fleur de sel sprinkled on it. so good. i’m thinking i need to do that. i am going to have to buy some sel. it would really be good on toast with nutella, right? i have already discovered that sourdough toast is fantastic with nutella.

we walked for awhile afterwards and got lost. it’s hard to see in the rain. it was also cold that day and we bought some socks at Banana Republic to keep our feet warm. i saw a skinny little thing wearing a parka the day before and made fun of her a leetle bit, so either she knew something i didn’t or it was karma striking down on me.

we ended up in a private cartier cadillac cab. can you believe it? so much fun!

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