June 19, 2010

had a great day in austin on friday. met with the on the day of wedding planner. i am soooooo happy with this choice. i have nights of absolutely no sleep, trying to figure out how to get all the stuff done on the morning before the wedding and still have time to… you know…shower and dress. afterwards, we went to the rental company to reserve tables (a gazillion of them according to michelle), flatware, china, etc. it is amazing how $2 for that and $7 for this add up!!! we had lunch at frank which is pretty cool place. daughter michelle and i shared a frank and poutine. canada has something there. melty cheese curds and brown gravy on fries is really good.

we shopped for a little while then stopped at jo’s for an iced coffee and there was a not bad for their age band. we guessed that they were either 8th or 9th grade. it was a lot of fun and very serendipitous. then, i saw the famous leslie for the first time, ever. i didn’t take a front photograph of him because michelle says that he will come over if you do and i don’t know what i would do.

all in all? a pretty good time. soooooo….for the wedding? venue - check. catering - check. rentals - check. dj - check. wedding dress - check. band - check. maid of honor - check. best man - check. officiant - check.

yay! the list of things done is getting longer and therefore the list of things to do…shorter.

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