July 07, 2010

Just got back from our first trip to Maine. I say our first trip because husband Scott and I decided that Maine is going to be one of the states we will have to visit over and over again. It was so pretty, had lots to offer and until we hit the first day of the heat wave (which was our last day of vacation), the weather was fantastic (compared to Texas June/July weather).

Today, I made a simple tilapia chowder to remind me of Maine…okay, I never ate tilapia chowder there, but there was no haddock and I didn’t want to get clams at the market. More on the food of Maine tomorrow. Today, I have posted many many photos of our trip. Sorry the post is so long…well…not really that sorry. I am enjoying reliving the great vacation.

ps I am getting ready to make napkins and yes, that is a ‘how to’ on mitered corners.

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