July 22, 2010



I was looking to see if there was a quote on the internet about things coming in threes. I found, “all good things come in threes.” I always thought that bad things come in threes. You know, when something bad happens, then something else happens, so you are just waiting for that last one, right? Well, here is what happened to me (well….more or less to me) recently. First daughter Michelle’s car’s air-conditioning stops working, then son Jason comes home from a hot ride in his car - a broken air-conditioner. So, we take in Michelle’s car, then Jason’s car. $3900 later, I am driving my car to pick up son Jason’s car from the shop and bam(!) a flat tire. So, I take it to the shop. So…..I’m done, right? Noooooooooooo…just had daughter Michelle’s car towed today - alternator most likely. WHA’!?!?!

A good friend said that maybe I am getting a new set of threes. SHUSH! (sigh)

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