July 07, 2010

We went to Rockland next, while staying in Wiscasset. We were supposed to go to Monhegan Island next, but it was raining. It made more sense to stay in Wiscasset when we were going to Monhegan Island (Wiscasset > Boothbay Harbor > Monhegan Island > Wiscasset > Rockland > Camden), but we switched the days.

We were in Rockland to visit the Farnsworth Museum. What a great museum! I tried not to schedule too many art museum visits since husband Scott is not into them as much as I am. We were supposed to see this one and one in Ogunquit, but due to missed flight, we were only going to this one. And it was great! Lots of small exhibits. I could stay all day at the Wyeth Center. The Wyeth men - NC, Andrew (my favorite) and Jamie were/are amazing artists.

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