August 05, 2010

so here is husband scott enjoying a motel in bar harbor, maine (though, it looks like he is not enjoying me taking a photo). this is highview motel which i truly recommend. it is family owned, very clean, and look at the great screen door.

scott doesn’t particularly like staying at b & b’s. he doesn’t like the intimacy of staying in a home. he feels that he has to be quiet and not disturb his neighbors. some of the places we stayed were very charming, but small or much to scott’s chagrin came without a tv. how can he stay on top of everything going on without a daily dose of cnbc? or espn? or cnn? i, not so secretly, like the fact that i can’t watch any of those channels. and why do men beeline straight to the remote when entering a hotel room? i also tried to save money by choosing a more inexpensive room which sometimes meant that the private bathroom was across the hall. it was not a shared bathroom, but to have to go across the hall…..well husband didn’t like that much.

these things don’t deter me, however.

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