January 10, 2011

right after christmas and before new year’s eve, husband scott and i packed up to drive to arkansas and stay at a few state parks. it has become a new ‘new year’s eve’ tradition. so far we had been to cooper lake and caddo lake in texas. this year, scott wanted to scout out some parks for a future project and so off to arkansas we went.

it is really pretty there. this is a photo of one of the lodges we stayed in lake fort smith. it was too large for the two of us. it can sleep up to 28 people. it was brand new and nice with 6 rooms, a fully furnished kitchen, a large gathering room (photo), outside was a porch, further out were 2 picnic tables with barbecue grills and a basketball court. so, it would be nice for a family gathering. i would highly recommend it and for $320 a night, it is so very reasonable.

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