February 08, 2011

hi there. just got sent a link from daughter michelle about her wedding being published in style me pretty wedding blog!!! we looked and followed a lot of wedding blogs while planning the wedding. there are so many pretty weddings out there and i never thought that michelle’s would be published. i mean, i would think so because i thought it was pretty, but i am not everyone else. so if anyone reads this haphazard blog of mine, check it out!

click on the photo and it should take you to the website. i say ‘it should’ but, i am not making any promises. i did what tumblr told me to do to, well, do it. so, check it out!

also check out daughter michelle’s website - michelle-edmonds.com

i’m so very proud.

when making the comment about anyone reading my blog, i wonder if it would be better to spread the word. my blog isn’t that well written like apathy lounge - wordgirl5.typepad.com/apathy_lounge or creative like made by joel - madebyjoel.blogspot.com/ or has clean organizational skills like chez larsson - chezlarsson.com/myblog…i could go on and on because i follow so many blogs…good blogs…blogs that i wish i had written (and i haven’t even mentioned pdub’s awesome blog).

so, i ‘starred’ little green notebook’s entry on how to grow your blog -http://littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com/2011/01/on-how-to-grow-your-blog.html - and i think i might read it, give it some serious thought, make a list of a few ideas, follow through for a couple of weeks or days, then go back to my boring haphazard entries.

or maybe, just maybe i might try to set up a truly great blog…maybe


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