March 02, 2011

i am testing my new blog site

so, here i am rambling randomly about something, ranting or just thinking out loud. 
now, i want to add a photo here:

this is a 'little gem' magnolia tree that i am trying to convince husband scott to plant in our going-to-be-landscaped-soon yard. it looks pixelated from here. hope it isn't.

we are also considering these knock out roses, but must be careful where planted since they can get really large...or at least the ones i've seen were large...i tend to kill plants so it might stay on the small side:

but, it sure is pretty, hunh?
which font will i use? can't far out of my choices, i like times. i know, i know, it's boring, but will see if michelle ;) can fix that for me.
she, again, has set me up on this new site. yea! for daughter michelle!

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