April 09, 2011


i picked up my very first CSA this morning. i finally looked up what the acronym means - community supported agriculture. this is what i got:
i get 5 items: cilantro, romaine lettuce, spinach, broccolini and the straw mushrooms, then i get to pick 5 other items: strawberries, golden beets, tomatoes, purple sweet potatoes and a green that i can't remember the name because i have never heard of it. i also bought the white asparagus which is scarier for me to prepare than the unknown green thing.

the green thing (i will add what it is when i ask what it is called) is to be lightly sautéed. so i went to my go to dish for lunch with sautéed greens and added a poached egg and a tomato salad.
 the greens kinda tasted like spinach, but crunchier because of the stems. it was a nice crunch, but seem to be a bit woodsy and lacking. then, i scooped up a tomato that had balsamic and cider vinegar on it with the unknown green and what a difference!

so, in the future, i will put a splash of balsamic - maybe the sweeter concentrated version - on after it is cooked, with a grilled pork chop and roasted potatoes or mashed potatoes.........

stop, ann. you are making yourself hungry and this is only day 5 of weight watchers.

6 points, btw.

edit - got the answer on the name of the greens - Tong Ho or chrysanthemum greens. cool, hunh?

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