April 24, 2011


i hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

what IS the best part of Easter? 

is it getting up and finally making it to church, seeing friends & hearing a great Easter sermon?      yes

is it sharing a nice meal with the family?     yes

is it seeing your son, whom you haven't seen since Christmas?      definitely yes

is it eating lots of chocolate, cookies & cupcakes?       yes

is it that your brother walked away from a car accident on his way over to dinner with you and your family on Easter?

most important than anything else...yes!

hope all your family is well on this Easter day, too


  1. Laura Tauscher4/26/11, 2:04 PM

    I seriously had to choose between your cookies and John. OK, just kidding. Sort of. LOL.

  2. it's nice to have both, right?